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I am a contradiction, at once very private and at the same time a shameless exhibitionist. Maybe that's the description of a writer!

I also write on Helium, which gives me a chance to publish my creative writing and I have recently begun a lense about food on Squidoo

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    Survival Tips when Traveling in Winter

    7 weeks ago

    How to survive if you really have to travel in winter and how to avoid winter travel or turn the situation to your advantage.

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    Hospitality and Politeness between Cultures and Countries

    2 months ago

    Differences in traditions of hospitality and politeness between cultures and countries

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    Survive disaster

    5 weeks ago

    Excellent survival information you will find nowhere else,humorously and well written. Not limited to outdoor survival, here you really will find a tip for every emergency.

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    Understand how memory works

    5 weeks ago

    Gain control of your remembering processes This article aims to supply a few answers to the understanding of how memory works and how to improve its workings, but also to raise some questions as well You will not find...

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    Spontaneous human combustion, a revolutionary new explanation

    4 days ago

    A truly original, never before published explanation of the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion. In depth analysis of the facts leads to an understanding of the true nature of these devastating occurrences.

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    Control your weight without dieting

    3 weeks ago

    Losing weight and keeping it off can be painless, honest! It is just a matter of listening to your body and practicing a few simple tricks. Bring the fun back into your life.

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    Better eyesight naturally

    4 days ago

    Whether you have far or near sight, or some other visual disability, your visual experience can be improved without the help of glasses. The advice here is easy and fun and will produce results!

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    Save money easily

    4 weeks ago

    This article lets you know, not only how to make your money go further, but, more importantly, how to avoid false economies. It addresses areas not usually touched upon in this kind of article.

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    Improve your vision by relieving eye strain

    2 years ago

    Many forms of defective vision are caused or exacerbated by eyestrain. this is particularly true in the case of short-sightedness or myopia. There are many exercises you can do to relieve eye strain. Most of them were...

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    Tips for super effective tooth care

    27 hours ago

    Everybody has been taught the basics of brushing and flossing tooth. This hub takes oral care to the next level. Learn the best way to spend the money you have allocated for your oral hygiene.

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    Care for and rejuvenate the appearance of your face

    5 weeks ago

    Step by step facial improvement -look in the mirror with confidence and avoid going "under the knife" Care for your eyes, mouth and nose.

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